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AOSD Outline

1.Introducing AOSD


With an aim to establish an international forum to promote the safe and efficient manufacturing and use of new steel drums and pails to encourage environmentally sound practices in the management of the packaging life cycle, ICDM (International Confederation of Drum Manufacturers) was founded in 1994 by the following regional associations, i.e. SEFA (Syndicat Europeen de l’Industrie des Futs en Acier), ISDI (Industrial Steel Drum Institute) and JSDA (Japan Steel Drum Association). Those three member associations are to cover the following areas;
SEFA:Europe, Africa and the Middle East
ISDI:The Americas
JSDA:Asia and Oceania


In line with the above ICDM establishment, to cover drum manufacturers in Asia and Oceanic regions, AOSD (the Association of Asia-Oceanic Steel Drum Manufacturers) was founded in 1994 at the initiative of JSDA.
3) At the ICDM Tokyo Board Meeting in May 2004, JSDA proposed to change the component member from JSDA to AOSD of which proposal was accepted by the other member associations.

2.Outline of the AOSD
1) Member Qualification
a) Association Member: Drum and/or pail manufacturers association in Asia and Oceanic region
b) Individual Member: Drum and/or pail manufacturers in Asia and Oceanic region
c) Supplier Member: Drum and pail parts and materials supplier in Asia and Oceanic region
2) Subscription: Annual subscription to the AOSD is not set at present.
(NOTE) For the time being, JSDA will shoulder the required expenses.
3) Officers: One Chairman and several Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General
(NOTE) The Chairman of JSDA shall serve as the Chairman of the AOSD up to the time of the General Assembly scheduled in 2007.
4) Meeting:
a) General Assembly: once for every three years
b) Board Meeting: to hold in regular intervals
c) International Meeting: to take place every three years in principle
5) Current AOSD Board Members

Chairman(Japan):Mr. Tomomi Ohara (JSDA Chairman)
Vice Chairman (Korea): Mr. K. H. Ryu, President of Insung Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chairman (China): Mr. Zhou Yunjie, CPF (China Packaging Federation)
Vice Chairman (India): Mr. Satish Gupta, President of SDAI (Steel Drum Association of India), Mr. Tan Cheng Chai (Stanta Mauser CEO)

6) AOSD International Meeting held in the Past

(1) July 1991, Tokyo (2) April 1994 Singapore (3) February 1998, Mumbai, India
(4) April 2001, Kyongju, Korea (5) May 2004, Beijing, China (6) September 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(7) September 2010, Fukuoka, Japan

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